1 Rogier Rigorth


Schokland mist. Het dorst
aan zijn dijken, de haven
eet zand. Ongeloof kleeft
aan de randen. Beweging
stokte in windsels van klei.
Er gaapt een gat in de zij.
Dat laten we zo, zegt zuster.
Ze stapt weg op een voetpad
dwars door de zee van gras.
Gras. Haar dienst zit er op.
Schapen bezetten het vuurbaken,
het museum heeft de misthoorn.
Geen woordspeligheid meer, niets
knarst, kraakt, knalt, barst.
Schokland stikt en ligt vast.

Anna Enquist



Roger Rigorth E-Mail: r.rigorth@web.de

„Roger Rigorth is one who knows. He makes that which has become-the wood, the stone, the fiber – tell their tales about the mystery of being; and he offers guide-posts. They equip us with the dimensions that still give orientation: One of these dimensions is the horizon. Thither not only tends the longing of all wandering, thence also originates the motivation for each fresh setting-out.

The other dimension is the upward reaching, the inner vertical line that while teaching us to walk, became our swinging plummet. Unexpectedly, Roger Rigorth makes us aware of a third dimension, one that defies calculation and cannot be defined by coordinates – in the sphere of creativity we become alive to the fact that for a long time, deep within us, a balance has begun to ripen between the two tensions of constraint and aberration: This constitutes the dimension of freedom. Where Roger Rigorth’s art touches this dimension, he encloses the lines of sail and mast by shaping protection vessels. Thus the heart’s desire to accept the challenge to allow room for Humanity is at our disposal.“