13 Karen Macher

Dezelfde tuin. Hetzelfde huis. De boom
   van mijn skelet is uitgegroeid, mijn rijk
gekrompen, mijn macht verjaard. Achter
   de tralies van mijn wimpers tel ik kevers
zonder kruizen en betreed mijn oude huid.
   Met een bloedgang ben ik thuis.

Menno Wigman




Karen Macher E-mail – kmachern@gmail.com

Born in Lima,  the capital of Perú. Graduated as Licentiate in sculpture in the Fine Arts Faculty in Lima, Perú, and as Master in Art and Technology in Valencia, Spain, she has worked as an art professor in sculpture and drawing and has represented her country in several international Symposiums in Europe, South America and Asia. Her work has also been exhibited in three solo exhibitions and a dozen of group exhibits. In addition to sculpture, she creates drawings and installations connected with ecological materials and themes.She lives and works in Lima.


I walk, see, smell, feel… I become conscious I am part of nature, that I don´t have to build my works on it, but with it. Our energy must flow together. In my work I try to use natural materials, and these works don´t usually last long. My work is ephemeral as we are as well. I find beautiful how they change in time, as we human beings change. Time is precious in nature. I can start my work my way, but after some time nature takes it as hers, transforming it in appearance and meaning. In working with nature I accepted I never have the last word on my work. I learn from it and work with it.