2 onsite poetry

“Tot hier en niet verder!”

“Geen grens die de wind vangt”






On-Site Poetry started in 2006. Citypoet Nick J. Swarth was asked to write a poem for a dead wall in the city of Tilburg. He asked typographer Sander Neijnens to design the text. The resulting art work ‘mussenmanieren’ was highly appreciated by citizens. Supported by the local art committee KORT, Swarth and Neijnens subsequently made  poems on six other locations in the city between 2007 and 2012. From 2012 on the project is continued as ‘On-Site Poetry’. Up to now it comprises more than thirty poems that are written and designed for the specific location where they are realised, using a wide variety of materials.

Website: www.swarth.nl

E-mail: nick(at)swarth.nl

Sander Neijnens (1957) works as a (typo)graphic designer in Tilburg, the Netherlands. His main activities are centered around the field of typography. Besides commissioned work he writes and publishes books about specific subjects, such as the design of numbers on football shirts and the enchanting sound of the Giulietti accordion.

Website: www.letterbeeld.nl

E-mail: info(at)letterbeeld.nl